Book Talk: Bookmarks and Pages

Every bookworm's favorite thing is a collection of pretty bookmarks, right?


I'm one of those weird bookworms who never uses bookmarks. I used to try to use them when I was little, but they kept falling out. Also, where do you even keep your bookmarks when you aren't using them? I'd always manage to lose the few bookmarks that I had.

Some of my friends are really confused by how I can read so much without bookmarks. They always wonder if it's hard for me to remember where I left off. I don't know if I consciously started doing this because I needed to remember pages or if this is just how my reading pace has evolved, but I have a particular way of reading books that makes it easy to remember the pages.

The first day, I usually only read a little bit, about 25-50 pages, to ease into the world and characters. The next day, depending on how much time I have, I read another 50-100 pages, and so on and so forth. What ends up happening is that I always end on a chapter or page number that is really close to a multiple of 50, so that's really easy to remember. I also read about 100 pages/hour naturally, so it's nice knowing that if I have half an hour to read or an hour to read, I'll always end up getting to a multiple of 50.

Of course, once I started reading kindle books and ebooks without page numbers, this system sort of goes out the window. I read in between classes, during lunch, or whenever I have a few random minutes somewhere. But in this case it doesn't matter, because you don't need to remember what page you left off on. I haven't actually compared to see if I read any faster or slower when I'm not aware of page numbers, but I feel like that would be an interesting thing to find out. 

Do you have any strange quirks with how you remember what pages you left off on? Do you have a regular reading schedule or do you just read whenever?

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