2016 in review

Well, here we are, at the end of 2016!

Last year I made my first infographic that catalogued some interesting reading stats. I made a new one this year, to look at some of the same things and compare them to how I did last year.

Here it is!

Some interesting facts:
  • I started and ended this year with Sanderson books, so obviously my year in books was off to a great start and end (Shadows of Self and Arcanum Unbounded, in case you were wondering). I think I have one or two more short stories/novellas to go before I've read everything published in the Cosmere :D
  • I read more paperback and hardcover books this year because I went to the actual library instead of just conveniently checking out ebooks on my kindle. 
  • Listened to more audiobooks than ever because I listen to them at work, about 1 a week
  • My average rating last year was 3.905 and this year's was 3.904, and no one star books in either year. Looks like I have a pretty solid idea of which books I'll like before I start reading :)
  • I read about 1,000 less pages and 5 less books than last year, but I read more big books this year (500+ pages)
  • I finished my AZ challenge! I'll do a post on that at the beginning of January
  • I did not end up doing my monthly DiverSFFy posts, and I was only marginally better about being consistent about posting things. But hey, I did do better and next year will be better still! (says the girl planning to start her PhD in the fall...fingers crossed)

Here's to 2017, a bigger and better year for books and everything else in our lives!

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