I suppose the first post on a blog should be a bit of an introduction, so here goes!

I am a college student who loves to read books. Words have always been a fascination of mine; once I started reading, I never stopped! The library is one of my favorite places, and few things can make me happier than when I'm running my fingers over the cover of a new book. Some people say books help them escape their day-to-day lives, but for me books are more than that. They stories and ideas that come from the books I read become part of my day to day life.

Over the past few years I have been writing short stories. My favorite genres to read are science fiction and fantasy, so naturally most of my stories fall into these categories. I'll write almost anything, though. All I need is a spark of an idea, and then I write it out until it's gone. I've attempted to write a novel, and although I did manage to finish one, let's just say I'd be happiest if it never saw the light of day.

So this blog is to chronicle me and my adventures with words. Which brings me to my explanation for the title of this blog - what do snowflakes and spidersilk have to do with anything? Well, for one thing they are two of my favorite words. And for another, they're both such delicate, beautiful things but where one fades away with time, the other is far stronger than people realize. It's the same way with stories - some of them are beautiful and light but fade away, and others may not seem so beautiful at first but those are the ones that stick in your memory.


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