GB Readalong: Week 8

Red Seas Under Red Skies continues...

If you're just joining in, check out the intro post for the schedule and other details!

What we're reading this week

Red Seas Under Red Skies | Chapters 13-Epilogue

Recap from last week

Jabril and the rest figure out that Locke and Jean are frauds, and toss them overboard. The two get picked up by The Poison Orchid and are reunited with their crew as scrub watch on Captain Zamira Drakasha's ship. Jean and Ezri Delmastro hit it off, Locke warms up to the pirate life, and Zamira gets on board with the plan to get back at Stragos. 



I adore Captain Drakasha and Lieutenant Delmastro, because not only are they fierce and independent women, they are exceptionally intimidating pirates and fiends! It's a lot of fun to see the dynamic between Locke and Drakasha, because they both are used to getting their own way and being the one in charge; it's great to see how their respect for each other deepens as they get to know what they can do.

Jean and Ezri are one of my favorite bookish couples, and it makes me so happy that it's their love of books that brings them together. Their witty banter was hilarious (and lack thereof...the barrel speech was beyond terrible, but still funny!).

They're even already on a freaking ship!

 I also really liked that Jean got a bit of the spotlight in this book, at least more than in book 1. We see his life and thougths outside of being Locke's best friend and partner in crime, which was really nice.

Also Locke and his daily ritual of "nope, I'm not getting attached to you. Not at all." with Regal was adorable!

Fan art from The Lonely Light
Food for thought:

  • The Alchemical resin cardsJust when you get all caught up in the high seas and the pirates, Scott Lynch pulls you back to the world of gambling and cons. It's interesting to see the kinds of magical and alchemical tools that make up a part of this world. Sure, they're expensive and hard to get, but just the fact that it occurred to someone to make something that turns into cement when you spill alcohol on it...imagine the possibilities for Verrari drinking games!

    It never ceases to amaze me how Locke and Jean mastermind their cons and pull out all the stops to take something really random and make it work. I have completely forgotten what these cards are used for, but it's fun to think of how they fit in with the con.
  • "I have a life outside your gods-damned shadow": This line really stood out to me. Up until now it seems like Jean has always been there for Locke but we hardly get to see his life outside of Locke's cons. Jean pulls Locke out of his misery at the beginning of the book, the two plan to take on the Sinspire, they both are forced to do Stragos''s almost an all or nothing deal. For the first time, Jean has something that he doesn't have to share with Locke and something all of his own: his relationship with Ezri.

    I like that Locke felt jealous at first, because I wouldn't expect anything less from him considering his dependence on Jean and his own history with romantic relationships. I also really liked how Scott Lynch wrote their awkward apology the next day. The bromance is strong!
  • Parlor Passage: We get to meet the Brass Sea version of sirens: instead of luring people into the deep with songs, this monster speaks into your head and tells you how lovely it would be to jump into the cool water...

    This freaks me out because for me, voices in your head are a lot more sinister than a giant squid trying to eat you alive. And what do you think of the creature knowing Locke's real name? What kind of creature would have the power to identify people's essences, and how old or powerful would it have to be to do that?

    Zamira says it's never been as bad as this time around. Is that because the creature itself is getting stronger, or is it reacting to Locke? (I say Locke in reference to the end of Republic of Thieves). Remember, spoilery discussions can go here.

How are you enjoying the high seas? Is Stragos going to find out that he bit off more than he could chew once he gets his pirate uprising? Will Jean and Locke still be able to con Requin like they planned?

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