Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Childhood Characters to Revisit

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's theme: Top Ten Childhood Characters to revisit as adults

To be fair, some of these characters have been revisited as adults but I just want to share more of their lives :)


Liesel Meminger and Max from the Book Thief. (And Rudy...*cries*)

Cinder, Kai, Cress, Thorne, Scarlet, Wolfe, Winter, Jacyn, and of course, IKO. I want to hear all of their stories :)

I loved this series as a kid - magical cats, evil great aunts, a magical school, and friends that last a lifetime. I'd love to see Charlie, Tancred, Lysander, Olivia, Emma, and the rest all grown up.

It's entirely possible that by book 7 (or 8?) Artemis Fowl is already an adult and I just haven't caught up, but Artemis Fowl captured my 4th grade self's imagination and I'd love to see what adventures he finds himself in as an adult. With Holly Short, of course.

Jack and Annie! The magic tree house books were my first chapter books when I was 6 years old, and I loved them. I imagine an older Jack and Annie would find more sinister adventures as they moved across space and time, but I'd still love to read them :)

Matilda is awesome. I think an adult Matilda would be so fun to read about, just imagine how badass she'd be!

Neal Shusterman books were my childhood. I guess I'd never really get to see "adult" Nick, Ally, Mary, and the rest, but I'd like to see them 10 years later :)

The Famous Five books were some of my favorites when I was really little. My mom read them when she was little so I guess there's that nostalgia factor too :) I'm curious to see how all the characters turn out when they're all grown up!

Coraline terrified me as a third grader, and probably would terrify me still. I'm kind of morbidly curious about how these terrifying childhood experiences might have taken a toll on adult Coraline...

Okay, this book isn't about a child or a book from my childhood, but definitely one I want to revisit with everyone 10 years older.
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