TTT: Top Ten Of The Most Unique Books I've Read

Here are some of the most unique books I've ever read! I love them all and definitely recommend them :)

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How many other books have you read involving 4 alternate Londons, a magical cloak, and a badass cross-dressing pirate? None? That's what I thought :)

This book is gorgeously written, and I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful and unique this magical circus is.


The Magician's series as a whole is unique in that it's all about subverting fantasy tropes but it's also about growing up. I loved the third book!

Not only is this a ridiculously inventive and hilarious and horrifying sci-fi book, the words on the page make pictures that also tell a story. Such a unique and amazing series!

I don't even know what genre this book is, it's a little bit of everything, honestly! Plus it's a love letter to bookstores, which is amazing.

Shameless plug for one of my favorite books, I've never read another book about conmen that was so endearing, terrifying, and beautifully written. It definitely helps that it's one of the most feminist fantasy series I've read written by a guy!

A lot of fantasy books are about how to defeat the evil emperor (LOTR, anyone?). But what if it's way more complicated than that? I've never read any other books that so seamlessly brought together heists, rebellion, and insane world-building.

There are a lot of books about WWII, but none of them has been as emotional as this one. This book is so unique in the way it's told and the way it focuses on two best friends.

One of the most compassionate looks at mental illness I've ever read. It's 

Any other cyborg cinderellas out there? NOPE. I adore this series so much!!

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