This is the summer of my reading things that I wouldn't normally pick up. I've been asking friends who read all sorts of things from medical nonfiction to classic literature to steampunk for recommendations, and the recs have been quite eclectic!

Technically, no one in particular recommended Watchmen to me, but seeing as it's so iconic and I don't usually read graphic novels, I grabbed it at the library. I've heard so much about it - "best graphic novel of all time", "incredibly complex", "way more than a superhero story" - and my English professor even used to teach it as part of his American Novels course (graphic novel, right? haha).

I'm really excited to read it, and hopefully watch the movie when I'm done.

Has anyone else heard of/read Watchmen? I'd love to discuss it with people once I'm done reading.

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  1. I read it (and watched it)! It's intense, and sheds a not so glamorous look at the hero biz.

  2. I've only read the first chapter, and already I see what you mean about the "not so glamorous" look at superheroes. I think it's really interesting so far!


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