Clockwork Princess

I finally got my hands on the final book of the Infernal Devices trilogy! I'm excited - this is probably the first and only steampunk series I have liked, and the characters are just so lovable. I have my fingers crossed that this series ends on a good note (cough cough Mortal Instruments cough).

I'm about halfway through, and I really like all the forms of love and friendship are portrayed in this book and this series as a whole. People have such love for those around them, and they are willing to sacrifice so much for each others' sakes. There is a sort of quiet strength and courage to many of the characters, and hidden kindness in even the outwardly callous.

Also, can I just say that I love how there's an epigraph at the beginning of each chapter quoting Victorian literature? They are so fitting and poetic, and I really love this time period.

I hear the ending is heartbreaking and bittersweet. So far, the whole book has kind of been that way, so I can't even imagine how it could become moreso. I will find out soon!


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