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I'm still alive!

Hello readers, I'm still alive! I realized that it had nearly been two months since I updated my blog...ooops. This was me for the last month: It's been a busy last few weeks, with everything from quitting my job, moving, having surgery, and getting ready to go to grad school! I am finally ready to get back into the swing of things, we'll see how well I keep up my blog now that things have calmed down :) I have been reading a lot of books even though I haven't been updating the blog, and I have read so many amazing ones in the last week or two. I have also decided that this will be the summer of re-reads ; I am making an effort to reread books that I loved when I was younger but have totally forgotten the details of, but I'm also rereading books I didn't like so much the first time around because I think things might have changed. After all, when I gave Name of the Wind a second chance, I liked it a lot more since I had a better idea of what to