Hello, I'm still alive!

Hello blogosphere,

It's been a crazy couple of weeks (as usual), but things are finally getting back to normal and I'll have time to actually write more than one blog post per week!

I just got my first real job, which is really exciting. I'm working part time until I graduate next month, and then I'll be full time and a real adult and I'll get to do real adult things...like sitting at home with a mug of tea and an excellent book. Or maybe a glass of wine and a really good book? Who knows? :) One thing I'm really going to miss about being a student is reading on campus...these benches were an awesome spot to relax between classes or get lost in another world.

To commemorate my favorite reading spot, me pretending my graduation sash is a book :)

The tricky thing has been adjusting to the additional 10-15 hours of work on top of being a student still, which is why I've been so bad about writing my blog posts. Also when I do have downtime I've been binge-watching TV shows instead of writing blog posts because they require less mental energy. Fingers crossed that I'll finally get the energy to consistently start blogging again. I've been really flaky all year...

I think having a full time job will take some getting used to, but I think I'll enjoy coming home and reading and writing blog posts. Blogging and the twitter book blogger community have kept me from being lonely at many times in my life, so I definitely think once I'm working and all my friends are spread out across the country instead of a ten minute's walk away, I'll be relying on the blogger community a lot more.

This is the most personal post I've ever done...as you can see there's absolutely nothing about what I've been reading or reviewing lately! More posts to follow later on this week, I promise!

Looking forward to becoming an active blogger again :D
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