TTT: Top Ten Book turnoffs

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This week's theme: Top Ten Book Turnoffs

Somehow I thought this list would be really easy for me, because there are so many blurbs that I read and then roll my eyes. There have been a few of audiobooks that I started recently but couldn't deal with after the first 20 pages so I just DNFed them. But despite all that it was actually pretty hard to remember exactly what kinds of things make me not want to pick up a book! 

Here we goooooo

1. Spoiled/selfish/vain main characters
(usually of the rich white girl variety)


2. Love triangles
(I did enjoy the Hunger Games but the love triangle thing was such an annoyance)


3. Catty/mean girls
(why is the beautiful yet bitchy girl still a trope -___-)


4. Romance-heavy
(I have my ships, but when the romance takes precedence over THE END OF THE WORLD I'm pissed)


5. Purple prose
(some people can pull it off - Laini Taylor, Jay Kristoff - and some just can't)


6. Unbearable levels of male gaze

(this is directed at you, male authors of SFF who write hyper-sexualized female characters)
(Also I know I'm gonna get some flak for my example, but as much as I admire the worldbuilding and the subtlety and AURI I'm sorry just way too much objectification in this series)


7. Stereotypes of POC (especially Asians, because I am one...)
(ahem hem token nerdy Asian best friend)


8. Characters I don't relate to
(nothing concrete here, but if I don't at least like the characters I have a really hard time staying invested in a book)


I didn't quite get to 10 things, but I think that's fine. This post was frankly kind of depressing to write, just thinking about all the books I didn't like in the past few years. Thankfully I've gotten really good at figuring out if I'll like a book by the blurb and a few friends' reviews, so I haven't read too many books I didn't like recently!

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