Sci Fi month: The Supremely Fantastic Science Fiction Subgenre Flowchart

It's Sci fi month hosted by Oh, the Books! and Rinn Reads!

I was on the sci fi month blogger panel last Friday, and it inspired me to come up with this flowchart. For those of you who are new to science fiction, or for those of you who are looking for new subgenres to try out, check out this flowchart! If it's too small to read (which it probably is...hehe), go crazy with your browser's zoom or click here for the  full size version. You'll have to drag the button at the top of the page to zoom.

So which genre(s) did you end up at? Did you find anything new and exciting you want to try out?

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  1. Wow! This is amazing! I kind of feel like I need to sit and study it for a few hours (or days!) - there's so much there! Even at a glance, I see tons of books, movies and TV shows that I've loved, so now I have some great recommendations. I'm holding on to this!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I love this flowchart! It must have taken a long time to make this, but it's so neat and shows all the subgenres. Until recently I never realized Steampunk and dystopia were actually subgenres of sci-fi. Some of these subgenres, like Biopunk are genres I never heard before, never realized there is a genre for that.

  3. Hooray! I spent quite a while making this, so I'm glad it's gotten you some good recs :D

  4. Yeah, steampunk is kind of fantasy, kind of sci-fi, so that one's fuzzy. But dystopian is definitely part of sci-fi!
    I'm partial to biopunk because I'm a bioengineer, but it's so specialized that I can see why it's not a really big or popular genre. I hope you found some new books/shows/movies to try out!

  5. Okay, this is AMAZING! I love it!! :D I got superheroes, no surprise, haha :)

  6. This is such a cool idea! :D For someone who's still pretty new to the world of science fiction this is a really helpful chart - thanks for taking the time to put it together!

    (I ended up at Environmental Sci-Fi ;))

  7. Yay I'm so glad! I was really proud of this chart and I'm glad people are having fun with it :D
    Superheroes are AWESOME!

  8. I hope you like those recommendations! Most of these are books/movies/shows I've seen and enjoyed :)
    For environmental, you could also check out some of the Biopunk books because a lot of those deal with climate change and natural resources too!

  9. I loved this! My man quickly ended up at Dystopian, but I was all over the place - I guess I just like Sci-Fi :)

  10. YEY THANK YOU! I hadn't realized Environmental SF was a thing, but it sounds awesome and right up my alley :D Also thank you for helping me understand what biopunk is finally ;-) You should definitely make a permanent reference button for this on the blog since I think I'll be going back to refer to it frequently hehe

  11. YAY so glad you found more to love!
    ooooh that's a great idea! I'll probably make a fantasy subgenre chart too and stick them on a tab :D

  12. Haha yeah I've read/watched/seen at least one or two of those recommendations from all the subgenres so I'm all over the place too!

  13. FUN! Love this flow chart! Adds tons of new reads for me


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