Happy Holidays!

I've been really terrible about posting on my blog and visiting other blogs, especially with final exams coming up next week. I promise I will reply to all my backlogged comments and visit all your lovely blogs very soon!

In the meantime, I won't be posting any more on my blog for this year, so see you all in January!

Happy Holidays :)

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  1. Awww no worries! It's definitely understandable, ESPECIALLY with exams and all that fun stuff >.> going on. I remember how hectic this time of year was when I was in Uni! Anyways, I was really bad on the blog and with commenting lately too. I moved last month and ended up with no internet at the new place for over two weeks *cringe* I'm only just starting to catch up this week o.O All the best of luck with your school stuff and HAPPY HOLIDAYS :D

    Cheers ♥

  2. Thanks Micheline! Yeah this weekend is going to be a lot of studying but all my study breaks will be reading books and checking out blogs so hopefully it doesn't get too depressing haha
    Eep I can't imagine no internet for that long! I'm glad you're all settled now :)
    Thank you so much! Happy holidays to you too!


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