On Adulting for the First Time

I finally graduated! I'm officially done with college! I'm a real adult now! AAAAAAAAAAH

Okay so I just finished my first week of work! A lot of the work I'm doing right now is testing all sorts of things and that involves a lot of mindless preparation of different samples and waiting for things to dry or react or heat up. I was bored out of my mind until I realized I could listen to an audiobook while I was just waiting around. It was a fantastic idea...except that I'm going through audiobooks way faster than I expected. I finished a 12 hour audiobook in 3 days. Now I'm working on Way of Kings because it's over 40 hours long and will hopefully get me through a week or two :)

I didn't realize how tired I'd be when I got home, because I'm used to a crazy-packed schedule with multiple 12-hour days when I was still a student and involved with different clubs and a dance team and research and all that good stuff outside of class. I figured that once I had regular hours and 8 hour days I would have a lot more free time in the evenings. And it's true, I do have more time because I don't have homework to do or exams to study for (THANK GOODNESS). The thing is I'm just so checked out and don't have the energy to do anything except eat food and binge watch TV (currently binge-ing Friends. So relevant to my life right now haha).

I've decided that I need to make a reading/blogging schedule for myself. I have always liked making lists. Checking things off makes me feel good because I feel like I've accomplished something. Up until now, I've just been reading what I felt like, with maybe 1 ARC each month. I really need to get organized with when I post reviews for my ARCs, because I almost always read them in time but then I wait to write the review so it's posted closer to the release date...and if the release date is a while away, sometimes I forget. I also just need a checklist to remind me to write my blog posts. I still obviously enjoy blogging and being a part of the blogger community, but I've lost the habit of posting on here so I need a nudge to remind me.

So here's my reading/blogging checklist:

Checked box symbol Read 2-3 books each week
Checked box symbol Read at least 2 ARCs each month
Checked box symbol Write 2-3 reviews each week
Checked box symbol Write 1 discussion post every two weeks (at least)
Checked box symbol Keep up with my A-Z reading challenge for the year

And that's it! It's mostly what I've been doing already, and there's still a lot of room for flexibility with what I read and when I read it, but I think having a list will help remind me to stay on track!

Here goes nothing!

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