New feature idea: Bookish eats

This morning while I was shopping for groceries, I had an epiphany. I looooove cooking and baking, and I also love trying out new recipes and foods from around the world. I also love books that feature interesting places and cultures, so I figured why not combine both loves?

I'm going to start a Bookish Eats feature, where I cook or bake something that's inspired by a book I've read and loved. It'll probably be really sporadic to start, maybe once a month or so, just to see if it's something I can actually do. I'm really excited to brainstorm recipes that might fit the mood or culture of some of the books I've read recently.

Nevernight was really dark but quite a bit of fun...maybe I'll bake something with dark chocolate?

Orange is the New Black might be a fun book to cook or bake for in Halloween! Think of all the pumpkin recipes, yum :D


ACOMAF featured magical fairies, shadows, and shapeshifting...maybe I should shapeshift some cake into cake pops?

The possibilities are endless! I'm so excited!

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