TTT: Top Ten books on the Sea

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This week's theme: Top Ten Books on the sea

I am a huge fan of nautical-themed books and I love the beach, so here's a list of books that take place in the middle of the ocean or on the sands by the sea! Some of them are favorites from when I was little and some are more recent, and for once my list has a more genres than my usual sci-fi and fantasy :)


Brian Jacques was one of my favorite authors in elementary school. I loved Redwall, but I also really enjoyed his less well-known Flying Dutchman series, featuring an immortal boy and his talking dog as they have adventures with pirates!

The Gentleman Bastards series is one of my absolute favorites, and this book is the most fun of the lot! Featuring everything from a mythical casino to a lady pirate captain who happens to be a badass mother of  two, this book is best described as a romp :)

Like I said, Redwall was a huge favorite of elementary-school me :)

I usually don't read much contemporary fiction, and although I've read quite a few Sarah Dessen books, I usually find them annoying or contrived. Not this one! I really enjoyed getting to know Auden as she spends a summer at a quiet beach town.

This was my first Agatha Christie book, and my favorite of hers (and one of my favorite mystery books, period). It takes place on an island in the middle of the sea, where all the guests aren't quite what they seem...

When my mom was a little girl, she used to read the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. When I was about five or six years old, she bought a couple of them for me and I really enjoyed them! Four kids and a dog having summer adventures was a lot of fun.

This adorable (and sometimes problematic) book mainly takes place at a sleepy beach town in Maine. I would go over to one of my friends' places and we'd read it out loud together, so I have so many fond memories of us laughing together as we read this book :)

What if the whole world was an archipelago? I really enjoyed this portal fantasy book, with its nerdy biologist main character and quirky fantasy creatures.

Black Box is one of my favorite sci-fi short stories. It was originally published as a series of tweets, which is pretty cool, and you can read the whole thing here! At first it's choppy and disjointed but it all clicks together soon enough. There are spies and glamorous parties on the beach and all sorts of cool things :)

The second book in the Shattered Sea series, featuring lots of badass women, political intrigue, and nautical adventures. It's so much fun but also quite brutal!

Any recommendations for any other nautical/pirate books? I'm always up for more pirates :D

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