Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here's a list of bookish things that I am thankful for!

1. More books to read than I could ever ask for

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I know this is usually a bookish problem but it's one I'm very glad to have: I'm so thankful that there are so many amazing books out there in the world just waiting to be discovered, and that I have access to libraries and friends who lend me books and bookstores.

2. The book blogger community

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It's so awesome finding a space in this loving and generous community! What I love most is that I have made a lot of friends just by talking about books we love. It's really awesome to have people to talk to when new books come out, because most of my college friends don't read as quickly or as much as I do.

3. The #otspsecretsister project

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This penpal project is just so wonderful! It's gotten me through some really lonely/stressful/tough times and it's so awesome getting to know other bookish people and spreading the love and cheer :)

4. The fact that I don't live in a YA dystopian world

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From the Giver to The Hunger Games to Legend to Divergent...the list goes on and on, and I'm so thankful that our world hasn't degenerated to any of the bleak scenarios we've all read about. Although with recent events maybe this won't be the case for much longer? o.O

5. The never-ending supply of Brandon Sanderson books

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My two favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson and Scott Lynch. Scott Lynch tortures me by getting my hopes up about the next Gentleman Bastards book coming out and then having the release date pushed back over and over (I'm not bitter about Thorn of Emberlain not being published yet, nooooooope), but Sanderson surprises me by giving me more books a year than I expected or hoped for! I'm extraordinarily thankful that he writes so many books and that I can count on a steady stream of them for the next...couple of decades...

6. Spontaneous reads that end up being really good

It's always an amazing feeling when you grab a random book off a shelf, or pick up a book that you're skeptical about, and it turns out to be amazing. I've been pleasantly surprised many times, and it's the greatest feeling because you weren't expecting much but you suddenly have a reason to smile! 

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