Way of Kings readalong: Characters in the modern day

I love the characters of Way of Kings because they are so dynamic and interesting and epic. They are always growing and changing, and you're constantly discovering new layers to their personality.  I got to thinking - what if we flattened all those layers and tried to describe each character in a few words? What if we took each of these fabulous characters and tried to find a role for them in the modern day?


He's a pretty-boy who's super athletic and is used to being the top of the (highprince) food chain. No surprises that I think he's most like a high school star quarterback.
All that padding looks kind of looks like shardplate...No?


He is always doing his best to ensure everyone around him is safe and happy, and is constantly training his men and teaching them new skills. I think he's a more epic version of a teacher, since he cares about his "students" and gives them the tools they need to succeed.


She's an artist, but she definitely doesn't fit the moody, temperamental artist stereotype. Shallan loves to learn more than anything, and her quick wit and sharp tongue often get her into trouble. I think she'd make a fabulous journalist - documenting new discoveries and using that wit of hers to charm (or intimidate) her way to information.

I can picture Shallan having this exact facial expression.


Is it any wonder that this lovable guy would be a chef in the modern day? He loves cooking, hates fighting, and his jovial personality would probably be a great addition to the kitchen.

If only that mustache were sideburns instead...


He's a bit old-fashioned, a little too trusting, and not taken too seriously anymore although he once was admired. I think he would be a retired golf-playing politician - once cut-throat and intense, now a little softer, but still very loyal to his country and his people.


Jasnah won't take crap from anybody. She's proud of her beliefs, because she forms them for herself instead of going with the flow. Fiercely independent and intelligent, I think she'd make an excellent CEO.


Navani thrives on political intrigue and often makes people uncomfortable. She always gets what she wants through subtle manipulations, and is privy to all sorts of private information - she'd make the perfect spy.


Szeth always does what he is told, even if it's something brutal like starting a massacre. But he still has a conscience and doesn't enjoy killing. I think he's most like a member of the armed forces, having to follow orders but not enjoying killing people.

So, what did you think? Would you change any of these characters' professions? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Michelle {Book Hangovers}July 17, 2014 at 7:31 AM

    Yea, I can definitely see Kaladin as a teacher or a coach. He has a huge heart and coaches need that to run a successful team. Also, I know he's a surgeon in the book, so I can see him being a successful doctor, trying to save lives daily.
    Adolin, for sure, a quarterback! Most handsome and popular guy in school. A ladies man, most definitely.
    Not sure about Dalinar. I guess I can see him as a retired captain of the Marines or something like that. All those years of combat all he wants to do is relax and play golf all day. Lol!

  2. Hmmm... teacher seems a bit tame for Kaladin, but I can't think of anything else that fits quite right either. Maybe a martial arts instructor? - tough when it's needed, but also instilling real values and ethics in his students. I don't know - still not quite right... :-)

  3. I love these! I could see Shallan as a perpetual student - she'd go to college for a BFA degree, graduate in like half the normal time, and then pursue masters degree after masters degree, or possible two masters degrees at once - in art and philosophy. XD

    Kaladin... I could see as an armed forces medic. Maybe coast guard?

    Love Navani as a spy! And Dalinar as a retired politician - although his past was less politics and more glory, so maybe a retired military captain? He'd totally golf, though. XD

    And whatever company Jasnah's CEO of, I'm investing in it. If there was ever a sure thing, it'd be that!

  4. Yeah, ,I can see him being a modern day surgeon as well, but I thought that was too close to the book. HAHA I love your description of Rock and Teft! Samoan food network star and his moody manager - I can't unsee it!

  5. You're right, it is tame, but I couldn't think of anything else that captured his spirit. Martial arts instructor sounds good!

  6. Yeah, Shallan would definitely want to learn all her life. Hmmm I can see Kaladin as a medic, actually. Great idea!
    Yeah, that's true. Retired military captain fits his glorious past better. I was thinking politicians because they're infamous for being like the highprinces - keeping up appearances, petty quarrels, and not really getting anywhere haha I figured Dalinar would be the one actually helpful politician.
    Definitely! Jasnah is amazing :D


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