Book Talk: Audiobooks

I know audiobooks are very hit-or-miss for people. Some people love them, some people hate them, and some people just haven't tried them.

I've discovered that I really like re-reading with audiobooks. Sometimes it's just hard to pay attention when you're listening to something for a long period of time (ahem physics lectures ahem hem), and if it's a re-read it doesn't really matter. I know how the story goes, so if I miss a few details here and there I won't be lost.

It also depends on how long the audiobook is. The longest one I've done is Mistborn: The Final Empire, clocking in at 20 hours. I think the only reason I finished was because I looooooooooove Mistborn (If you haven't read this yet, GET ON THAT ASAP) and I was already emotionally invested in the story because I'd already read it. If I hadn't already read it, I would have been bored to tears after a couple of hours. My limit is usually 9 or 10 hours because if it's too much longer, I feel like reading the paper book is better because it's so much faster.

Then again, I'm guilty of skimming, so listening to the audiobook sometimes forces me to get more invested in the characters and actually pay attention. I loved The Help and Code Name Verity on audio because the narrators did such a great job of bringing the characters to life. I loved both books more than I think I would have if I'd read the physical book first.

I don't think I would have been half as entertained with some books if it weren't for the narrators. Nick Podehl is PHENOMENAL, and I love listening to his books (especially Chaos Walking!). I definitely would not have found Kevin Hearne's Hounded as funny if it weren't for Luke Daniels doing all the accents and the doggy voice for Oberon. I also loved the narrators of Code Name Verity, Morven Christie and Lucy Gaskell. Kristine Hvam did a great job of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy as well.

What do you think of audiobooks? Any recommendations? Did you find some audiobooks you want to try?

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  1. I cannot focus with audiobooks at all. I just get way too distracted by something else, and it sucks! I haven't tried an audiobook that's been a reread, but I have so many books to read for now, that I just don't have the time to listen to an audio book! So I don't know. :P

  2. You have EXCELLENT taste in narrators :D I looooooove Oberon's doggy voice so much and Hvam is excellent! I'm pretty sure I loved Reboot much more than most people because Hvam narrated it and I just love her so much! Also The Lies of Locke Lamora is a GREAT series to listen to because the narrator is simply phenomenal! I don't actually reread books ever, but I have The Name of the Wind sitting on my phone waiting for me to re-listen to it once Rothfuss announces the pub date for book three >.>

  3. I really like audiobooks for long books, actually, because I can do something else while I listen. That being said, I don't sit and listen to a whole audiobook all at once, and sometimes it takes me a REALLY long time to get through a book (especially Robert Jordan's WoT books because they're like 35 hours long!).

  4. I've never tried out an audiobook before, and truth to be told the whole concept is really weird to me.I don't think listening to someone narrate the story can ever compete with reading it.
    And I also have a really short attention span, I can never listen to something that long.
    But at the same time, I've seen a lot of readers who love audiobooks, so maybe I should give it a try in the future.

  5. hahaha yeah, some audiobooks I just can't pay attention to - the narrator makes a huge difference! The nice thing about audiobooks is you can listen to them while you're doing something like folding laundry or typing up spreadsheets or something - you don't really need to make extra time for them :)

  6. Thank you! oooooh I haven't read Lies in audiobook form - new series to reread! I'm actually thinking of rereading NotW on audio (because NICK PODEHL) and also because I wasn't a huge fan of the book but I think I should give it another shot.

  7. I get most of my audiobooks from the library, and the maximum amount of time I can check it out is 21 days, which is a problem when the audio is 20 hours or more! I just don't have time to listen for an hour every day. But it's definitely nice that you can do something else while you listen. I usually do my math/physics/engineering problem sets (something without words, basically).

  8. I've never done that, but that sounds cool! Then you get both experiences at once! I think my problem with that is my eyes would keep skipping ahead and I'd stop paying attention to the audio lol
    Thanks for the rec! I'll look up Wil Wheaton.

  9. I'd suggest re-reading a book, then, so even if you start listening to an audiobook and don't like it, you can stop and you won't be missing too much. I really like audio because I get more emotionally attached to the characters, and some narrators just bring the characters to life.

  10. I LOVE audiobooks and probably listen to books just as much as I read them since I drive so much (which is primarily how I get my audiobook fix). I agree that not all audiobooks are created equal and that narrator can make a BIG difference. And I admit that I've had to go backwards MANY times because i've zoned out and if I'm not liking a book I have to force myself to pay attention. But I still generally enjoy them and they make me not hate my drive to work so much. The Diviners is a really good audiobook but it's long. And The Fault in Our Stars was FANTASTIC on audio so if you are ever considering rereading that, you should listen to it :)

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  11. I'm too scared to try driving while I listen. I feel like I'd stop paying attention to the road if the story got super intense!
    I have DEFINITELY had to go back a lot with some audiobooks. I'm listening to the Rogues anthology and some stories are just so hard to pay attention to!

  12. I am so weird about audiobooks. When I listen to an audiobook, I need to follow along with the book. If I don't, I get distracted and zone out, and that sucks because I'll end up not remembering what happened in the book. I need the book to anchor me and get me to focus. That kind of defeats the whole person of listening to one. Ha.

    I suggest giving the Ready Player One audiobook a try because Wil Wheaton does an amazing job.


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