The Supremely Fabulous Fantasy Subgenre Flowchart

Way back during Sci-Fi November, I made a flowchart of Science fiction subgenres so that everyone could find the sub-genre that they liked the most. The idea was that people could find recommendations in genres they didn't normally read, and maybe find a new favorite series or subgenre.

It was way more popular than I imagined it would be, and a lot of you readers asked for a fantasy flowchart.

Well, 6 months later, here it is!

Again, some subgenres I made up and some are standard. I have read/watched most of these, but there are a few I haven't because I'm not familiar with every subgenre of fantasy. If you would like more suggestions in any of these genres, feel free to ask! I obviously couldn't fit all my suggestions on this tiny flowchart :)

Fantasy Subgenre Flowchart

You can always find the Sci-fi and Fantasy subgenre flowcharts by clicking on the SF/F Subgenre Flowcharts tab at the top of the page.

Did you find a new subgenre to try? Any recommendations that I missed?

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