GB Readalong: Lies of Locke Lamora fan art 1

I've been wanting to do more than 2 posts a week for the readalong, but it's hitting me that

1) This readalong is going for 3 months and I need to have things to talk about for that long

2) Life is CRAZY so I probably shouldn't commit to that much considering how sporadically I usually post on my blog.

3) I can't talk about a lot of things I want to because we haven't gotten far enough in the book(s) yet! So look out for more detailed discussion posts later on :)

My hardest final is tomorrow, and then I'm officially done with another year of undergrad! So here's a little bit of Lies of Locke Lamora fan art to tide you over until next time. Rest assured that I'm bookmarking things like a fiend so that I can share more cool stuff with you all later on :)

Since we're still in the middle of the Salvara con, here is a fan's vision of our friend Lukas Fehrwight:
By  TolmanCotton on DeviantArt
Just look at those stuffy spectacles and the high-necked coat - Locke looks like such a prissy high-class merchant (which I suppose is exactly the point). There is so much attention to detail from Lukas Fehrwight's costume in the book, and the artist did such a great job of capturing that in a picture.

The Sanza twins with their infamous deck of cards, also by TolmanCotton on DeviantArt:
The Sanza Twins by TolmanCotton

The twins are hard to tell apart, although one does a have a more hooked nose than the other...
I appreciate that this artist took into account the different skin tones of the characters, since Lynch makes sure to talk about some characters being tanned or pale or dark as coffee (ahem Sanza twins).

Here's a pictures of the whole crew! This is one of my favorites since it captures each of the characters so well. It helps that the motto always makes me smile:

Also, there's this amazing sketch about Father Chains and all the craziness he has to deal with raising the gentleman bastards:

I hope that made you smile! I will see you on the other side of finals!

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