GB Readalong: Week 11

The Republic of Thieves read-along continues! Also, don't forget about the Thorn of Emberlain Giveaway**!

If you're just joining in, check out the intro post for the schedule and other details!

What we're reading this week

Republic of Thieves | Interludes after Ch5-end of Part II

Recap from last week

Flashbacks: Locke, Sabetha, and the rest of the Gentleman Bastards attend a ceremony to swear their allegiance to the Crooked Warden. When Sabetha and Locke step up to become priests, only Locke is chosen, leaving Sabetha...bitter to say the least. Chains orders the Gentleman Bastards to take on an acting job in Espara.

Present Day: Patience conducts a super intense healing on Locke, and we learn more about the decision to allow Falconer to take on the Camorr job. It turns out Sabetha is leading the opposing party in the coming elections, Election plotting begins!


The interludes this week were a real punch in the feels! It's bittersweet seeing Nazca again, but it's even worse seeing Calo and Galdo taking their oath together ("We figure the Crooked Warden wouldn't have it any other way": TEARS) because we know that they really do experience everything together...even death.

Food for thought:
  • Evil Bug: When Locke is healing he encounters a darker version of Bug who holds Locke responsible for his death. Jean is convinced that it's just Locke's imagination but Locke thinks otherwise. I can't imagine that Bug is so vengeful, but it's definitely disturbing to see someone pulling Locke down (it's not hard to imagine that what Bug says isn't so far from the truth. Your sins are written on your eyes.)
  • Mixed-feelings Sabetha: We also start to see Sabetha toying with Locke. On first read-through I hated how she never committed either way about her feelings for Locke, and I really hated how she turned Locke into a kicked-around-puppy who was willing to do anything to keep her happy. WHERE DID YOUR SPINE GO, LOCKE?

    On second readthrough, I'm still a little annoyed with Sabetha, but I can see why she has such conflicting feelings about Locke. She isn't just playing around with Locke because she enjoys being the standoff-ish mysterious love interest, she actually doesn't know what to think because she likes Locke's charm but hates how he has taken away the things she really being a priest of the Crooked Warden.
  • Remember, spoilery discussions can go here.


**Just so you're aware, the release date has been pushed to 2016! The giveaway is still on, you'll just have to wait a bit longer than originally anticipated to actually get your book/pre-order. 


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